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The Firm Fedele Mario from 1975 puts at service of the own customers, in the horticulture's, tobaccoculture's and agriculture's sector, years of experience, using the more modern technological supports and the more modern sistems of production with the advantage of the innovation of the products and of the service given. Fondamental characteristic of the Firm is to found the optimal solution to the individual requestes of the more exigent farmers with an accurate level of working united to the use of materials of quality and to the following techincal assistance. Thanks to this and to an efficient commercial organization, the Fedele Mario exports its products: transplanters, mulching machines, bed-maker machines, milling and making flower bed machines, multiple inter-row milling machines, weeders and machines to sew the tobacco leaves for exsiccation in the most important markets of Europe, United States of America and Australia, making its activity in its works.

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